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Mouse Diary:


This is my story of what happens when you feel sorry for mice. We started with one mouse. Our neighbor got 2 mice a boy an a girl. Now we have 24 mice.

Mommy Mouse Dairy -
  • 1st batch - Mommy mouse had 6 babies boys. We have 2 left of that batch. Lazareth and Smigel. The mice were all doing well then one day something happened and they all got sick. I think it might of been the bedding. All died but 2 but not before one of them got mommy pregnant again. I think it might of happened when our neighbor (they one that gave us the mom) said, "Oh I think that one is a girl you better put her in with the mom." Nope... she was wrong took him about five seconds to start humping. Damm. Well we are now very good at sexing a mouse.
  • 2nd Batch - Mommy mouse then had 9 babies. Oh boy! 4 girls and 5 boys. We have 6 left from that batch. Ruth, Bright eyes, Sweet pea, Hercules, David and 42. All the rest got sick and dies or ran into one of our cats. Poor babies. My daughter got a book on mice. We were told to separate them at 1 month. We separated them at 3 wks to be safe. Pooky the 2nd, one of my daughters favorite mouse was very ill. So we put him in with the girls. He was still not a month old. Well before he died he got 2 of the mice pregnant. We did not know about it until a few days before they were born. So we found out that 3 wk old very sick mice can still get a mouse pregnant.

Bright eyes Mouse Dairy

  • Bright eyes had 10 babies. She had hers first. Born March 12, 2009. I think one died just after birth, the next day there was only 9.

Ruth Mouse Diary

  • Ruth had 7 babies. She had hers 2 days later. Born March 14, 2009. Surprise... surprise ...

I am now contemplating getting a snake. LOL Know anyone that wants a mouse. We are trying to give them away.

Well that is my story. Click on the link for pictures.